Scrunchies for a Cause

Scrunchies4aCause is a way to give back to those in need. With each cause, there is fabric picked by those who will be receiving the help and Scrunchies created. Over the course of 5 days; all sales and donations go directly to the identified cause. 

The first Scrunchies4aCause went to helping my friend, Jeremy and his family, in Cape Town, South Africa. Due to covid he had lost his job 14 months ago, their car was taken, they sometimes went days without food, and they were on the verge of losing their home due to being 4 months behind on the mortgage.  

Through fundraising we were able to raise: $3,213. Those funds saved their home PLUS 6 months ahead, provided food, and allowed for Jeremy & his family to feed the surround community. 

Scrunchies4ACause, with 100% of the profits fgoing toward Cape Town to help even more… raised: $764! The funds allowed to help begin the outreach goal of providing food and the starting of the women’s outreach to provide period products for the young girls to keep them in school.