Meet Jennie!

Hey, Scrunch Fam !

I am beyond excited you have made it here! This has turned into quite an adventure and thank you for being a part of it. 

The start .... 

As a first time mom, I learned the silence of being up during all hours of the night in tears of pure exhaustion, hormones, and joy from cuddling our sweet boy. My post-partum journey was less than bright... it took me almost 16 months of my son's life to admit I was struggling with post-partum depression. Add a little covid state shut down 6 days after your family moves to a new area, sprinkle a little bit of moving stress, and anxiety of the unknown to create one heck of an unhealthy mental state cake. My ability to run from life was simply the icing! 

December 2020, I started therapy after acknowledging my struggle with post-partum depression and accepting a full time virutal high school special education teacher position... putting my plate at full functioning capacity.  During a session with my therapist asked, "but, what do you do for you?" 

*cue tears* because I wasn't doing anything. 

I was rocking my son in the middle of another night and sat there sobbing... "what was my something?" kept running through my head. I was spent on all levels of being a working parent from home with a toddler, trying to take care of myself, be a wife, and basically survive. 

Scrunchies. How the idea flooded my mind at random, I will never know. What I do know is that I snuck back to our room, woke up my husband to tell him all my ideas, and for the first time in many months -- a little surge of light at the end of a very long, dark, and lonely tunnel glimmered with promise. 

Jennie+CO. is my hope, theraputic outlet, and genuine pure-ass happiness. It has given me a sense of purpose that is simply for myself. The only thing I share is the love for these scrunchies. 

Once that first scrunchie was made, I put it in my hair, looked in the mirror, smiled, and it was then and there... that "everyone deserves fun hair flair" was created. 

So, here I am. Making scrunchies from a tiny little corner in our two bedroom apartment. Teaching by day and sewing in between the chaos of parenting! 

Jennie+CO. is more than just fun hair flair... it is empowering anyone who needs a boost of confidence mixed with a little self worth. To me -- you matter, your mental health matters, and the perfected scrunchie on your wrist or in your hair... matters. 

Thank YOU for being here with all the love and support! 

XO - Jennie



Fun hair flair: to feel bold, beautiful, and brave.